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Safety Tips

Your safety is important to us, so we have put together a few guidelines in an effort to help prevent scams and to help ensure your personal safety when buying or selling a car. While not every car buyer or seller may use our website with criminal or malicious intent, we encourage users to practice good safety common sense when buying or selling cars.  Auto Deals Hub will not be held responsible for the actions of its users. But, we do care about your safety and we always do our best to steer users from potential scams. The following guidelines are intended to reflect upon and expose rare, but potential scams or risky situations.


  • Unless you are buying your car from a well-known dealership, we always recommend that you arrange to meet with the buyer or seller in a well-lit public location or a police station
  • If the listing or offer seems too good to be true, it usually is! Do your research and approach every buy or sell with caution to avoid scams

Car Buyers

  • Have a friend or friends escort you if you want to go and see a car, especially if the seller is a private seller
  • Require to see some proof of ownership before buying a car
  • Hire a mechanic to do a pre-buy car inspection
  • Only pay for the vehicle when you are satisfied that the car and all the necessary documents are in good order
  • Get the title and a signed bill of sale

Sellers Guide

  • Do not invite buyers to view a vehicle at your home, unless you feel absolutely safe to do so
  • Beware of fake checks or fake cashier’s checks. Always verify personal checks or cashier’s checks  when getting paid by check

With these guidelines and your good judgment, whether you’re buying or selling a car, we hope that you will do it in a manner that will help you achieve your goal safely.