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Deals On New & Used Cars For Sale

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Understanding Types Of Used Cars For Sale

Used Cars

Not every used car gets an inspection before it is put up for sale. Because of the high risk of buying a used car with mechanical problems, it is highly recommended to have a qualified mechanic do a pre-purchase car inspection. Even when the car seems to have a clean history report, it’s to your benefit to have it inspected.

Dealership Inspected

Sometimes dealerships do a basic quality inspection on used cars before they put the car on the lot. But not every dealership does quality inspections on used cars. Never assume that every used car for sale by a dealership is inspected. Ask for a copy of the inspection report or get an extended warranty if possible.

Certified Pre-owned

Certified Pre-owned cars are the highest in quality when it comes to buying used cars. Each car is inspected according to the manufacturer’s factory standards before it’s put out to be sold. One of the advantages of buying a certified pre-owned car is that it usually comes with a manufacturer’s warranty.